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There's a lot on the outside that I never show.
My insecurities forever hide behind a cloak.
Faking smiles, always searching for a new way to cope with the pain.
I hang my head in shame.
Constant embarrassment, let the world forget my name.
I've lived my life in the darkest of places and I'll die the same.
I'll fucking die the same.

Social anxiety, I'm constantly contained.
Every day gets harder to show my face.
Rid me of my place.
none of you even listen anyway.
You just look the other way when I plea for help.
Time is running out.
Save me from this hell.
Same me from myself.

I just wish you could see what you meant to me.
You told me you would be there, you turned your back on me.
I just wanted to feel like I was worth something but now a look of disgust is all I ever see.

In my hands I've broken every fucking bone to ease all the pain that I've ever been shown.
I feel empty inside.
Every day I feel the life slowly drain from my eyes.

I just wanted to live my own life with the ones that I love by my side but im nothing but a burden in their eyes.


from The Decline, released February 17, 2017



all rights reserved


Extortionist Idaho

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